Commercials #674

Tony the Tiger says, “Why do drugs when you’ve got a spoonful of sugary goodness right in front of you?”

Tony the Tiger likes to take his bowl and spoon and go into the bathroom with it alone. It usually smells like something was cooking if you go in right after him. Silly tiger, I wonder what that’s all about!

Tony the Tiger is almost always super wired and raged when he comes out of the bathroom, but at least he’s less unpleasant than he is before he goes in.

Tony the Tiger crashes out hardcore on my couch on a regular basis. My mom says, “hey look, he’s taking a catnap” and then she takes a couple of pictures of him because she thinks it’s cute…

But she doesn’t know Tony like I know Tony.

Tony the Tiger hasn’t left my house or seen the light of day in 3 weeks now.

Tony is a very difficult tiger to live with.